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March 25, 2016

IMG_1694I don’t know if you are aware of this…but we have a dog. Her name is Emmy Lou (or, as our friend Boka calls her, Princess Emmeline Louise). Emmy Lou is a wrinkly pile of suspicion and stubbornness and gas but also total cuteness and ridiculosity and we basically cater to her every whim like the serfs she knows we are.

We got Emmy Lou from the TnT Sharpei Rescue, who, like all dog rescue folk, are super super awesome and always on alert, trying to save wrinkly dogs from bad situations and find them happy homes. Katr and I constantly visit their Facebook page, looking at cute dogs and weeping copiously over sad dog abuse stories and happy ending stories alike. Because if sad wrinkly dogs don’t make you cry just a little, then you’re DEAD INSIDE.

Now that we have our own place and a tiny yard, we though about trying to help the rescue out more, maybe by fostering dogs, but something tells us that the Princess prefers a one-dog set-up. And by “something”, I mean “Emmy Lou”.

But we were still looking for an opportunity to help out somehow - so when we heard that cute wrinkly Roy had a potential new home, if only someone could pick him up at the shelter and drive him the 5 hours to Cache Creek this Saturday, Katr said “Let’s ride!”

DSCF0570The folks from TnT co-ordinated everything with the shelter and with Liz who was going to pick Roy up in Cache Creek and take him the 6 hours back to Prince George - and we borrowed a crate from Bully Buddies, just in case Roy was a nervous traveller – and Saturday morning, we headed out for some wrinkly fun!

And now, here’s all any of us really want to see – shar peis:

Roy! Roy was very stressed out at the shelter and was REALLY excited to get out of his kennel. Shar peis are very reluctant to do their business where they eat/sleep and once he was out, it looked like a buffalo had rampaged through the yard, leaving piles and piles of steaming fun. It just kept happening. Over and over and over. My brother would have been VERY impressed.

Garden Fun 007

Roy: Hi! What are you sniffing? Does it smell good? Should I sniff it? I’m a dog! Hi!

Emmy: Hello, Roy.

I highly recommend this two-shar pei stretch for the shoulder area.

After a frisky walk, Katr hoisted Roy up into the crate, which he bravely endured for the drive. Emmy settled in to the back seat – every now and then she’d sit up and sniff in Roy’s direction, then turn to me as if to say “Are you aware that there’s another canine in this vehicle?” Thanks, Emmy.

Garden Fun 015We’ve never driven the Fraser canyon part of the Trans Canada. Pretty spectacular.

It turns out that the traditional shar pei drop off spot in Cache Creek is the Dairy Queen – it’s like it was meant to be!

Roy and Emmy patrolled the area to make sure it was safe as Liz and her friend Elaine arrived for the wrinkly hand off.


“What’s that? A little run around the parking lot? I would love that! I’m a dog!”

Off for a trot!

Katr and I and Liz and Elaine all stood around yapping about dogs for awhile but since they had a 6 hour drive ahead of them and we had 5 hours back to our place, it wasn’t long before we had to say goodbye to Roy. It’s okay, though – we consoled ourselves with Blizzards.

Roy: Bye! Bye! Emmy! Bye! We’re dogs!

Emmy: Yes, goodbye, Roy.

Where’s my Blizzard, fattie?

We hear from Roy’s new owner in Prince George that he’s settling in well – Liz gave him a much-needed bath when they got to her place, before taking Roy to his new home - he’s had lots of good walks and he seems to be getting along well with his new shar pei sister Lily. Yay Roy!!

DSCF0572 Garden Fun 019 Garden Fun 006 DSCF0573
Mojo - Shar-Pei Rescue of Virginia
Mojo - Shar-Pei Rescue of Virginia
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Annie - Shar-Pei Rescue of Virginia
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Savannah Transport - Shar-Pei Rescue of Virginia
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