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The Shar-Pei Forums - Closed

December 12, 2014

Hello All,

After ten years of operation, I've decided to close the Shar Pei Forums permanently. Because of my other job responsibilities and caring for my aging parents, it has become too much work to maintain the Shar-Pei Forums. This became especially apparent after our Web Hosting Service, ENom, announced they would no longer offer Windows-based hosting on their servers after November. This forced me to move about 20 different web domains I manage to another service provider. The resulting disruption took days to restore services to my business websites I depend upon for my income.

On the other hand, the Shar Pei Forums were never intended to provide income and were primarily a labor of love. It was becoming increasingly harder to maintain the site, and to keep our search engine positions so people could find us. Also this year, there were increasing numbers of spammers and hackers who were regularly breaking in and defacing the site with ads for pills, fake watches, shoes and handbags. You only saw a small part of this in some of the forum posts. These creeps were breaking into the site almost weekly and posting hidden links to their spam sites within our pages. Google had penalized us severely for this and demoted all our rankings, causing new traffic to grind to a halt.

The Shar-pei Forums are also one of my most complicated web sites, and is more difficult to setup with a new hosting provider and maintain than all my other sites combined.

For all these reasons, I found I no longer have the heart to continue, and have decided it is not worth the effort needed to restore the site.

Thank you sincerely to all our Forum Members, and especially to our Forum Moderators; Ann Cardon, JL Wortham, Debbie, Mandy, Libby, Sheli, and all of the other Shar-pei Forums Moderators for whom I can no longer retrieve your names. Ann had been with me since the start of the Forums in 2002, and JL must have had somewhere over 30,000 posts. You were essential in making the Forums a success, and providing help for thousands of users to get answers to their questions. Thank you so much everyone!

Best Wishes For The Holidays!

Alan Thompson
Administrator, The Shar Pei Forums
alanrthompson [- at -] Gmail d o t com