Types of Shar Pei

April 20, 2018
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Shar-Pei puppies can have a dramatic change in appearance as they mature to an adult dog. All Shar-Pei, but especially the horsecoat need early socialization with children, strangers, and other animals.They can be stubborn, strong willed and very territorial.Early training can help control these traits before they become problem behaviors.Some people may experience a sensitivity to the harshness of the coat of either length. This is a mild, short lived rash, that can develop on the skin that has been in contact with the coat, most commonly on the forearms.When adopting an adult horsecoat Shar-Pei, it is important to remember that they often lacking the cute expression and wrinkly appearance that was once so endearing as a puppy.And that they might come with a lack of socialization, training, and a history of mistreatment. But with love, patience, training classes and a tincture of time these dogs can become beloved, loyal companions. It is worth the effort, to bring a horsecoat Shar-Pei into your home, because they always give more to the family than they ask in return.

Shar-Pei puppies, are cute, cuddly, wrinkly balls, with a love me expression. They often retain this puppyish look well into adulthood. Because of this cuteness, their owners can be reluctant to socialize and train them while they are young. What was cute as a 20-pound puppy is not so cute as a 50 pound adult. The brushcoat matures early to be a stocky strong dog, therefore earlysocialization and training are essential, in order to have a dog that is a good family member as well as a welcome member of society. The brushcoat is not always as active as the horsecoat. And are often more content than the horsecoat to laze around the house. Like their horsecoat brothers, they are strong willed, stubborn and territorial, but these are often exhibited to a lessor degree.Both coat types, brush and horse are true Shar-Pei. Both make excellent companions. Each is similar and yet has their own uniqueness. Each of the two coat types has groups of fans that prefer one type to the other.If you are looking for an easily maintained, smart, active, loyal companion, that will challenge your intelligence, and keep your funny bone tickled with their clownish antics, the horsecoat is the Shar-Pei for you.If you are looking for an easily maintained, quick to learn, less active companion, to keep you company and enjoy activities with you the, brushcoat Shar-Pei just may be the dog you are looking for.Please look at both types and educate yourself before making a Shar-Pei a member of your family.Remember a dog is a life time commitment.

Bear Coat

There is another length of coat that a Shar-Pei can have. When both the male and female carry the recessive gene for this coat type, it can occur. It is any coat that is longer than 1 inch at the withers. This coat length is commonly called a "Bear Coat." This coat length resembles the coat on a breed of dog called a "Chow Chow." The personality of the bear coat is very much like that of a brush coat.Bear coats make wonderful pets."This length of coat is a major fault therefore a dog with this coat can not be shown competitively in the conformation shows." They can be shown in obedience and agility.

Spotted Coat

Spotted puppies (as well as bear coats) do pop up in litters now and then. This is not a RARE or sought-after Shar-Pei. This color pattern is a disqualification in the AKC standard, making it a pet quality puppy. Remember, you should never pay more money for a Shar-Pei because of its color or coat type, especially when the color or coat type is an AKC disqualification (see standard at the AKC site)

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