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September 29, 2017
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We often hear of things that seem to only be seen and heard by dogs and small children. I've had several bizarre instances with my dogs knowing things before they happen - they sense things.

The other day I had another one of those experiences with my dog Possum. My nephew died just before Thanksgiving and Mother's Day would have been his 21st Birthday. My brother and SIL don't live here so I said I would make sure he had flowers on his grave. I took my dog, Possum with me.

James, my nephew, was an animal lover as myself and met every dog I had - except for Possum, but he knew about her. She's a good dog and doesn't run off and always comes when called so, I let her out of the car dragging her leash and she wandered over the greens sniffing around. Then I called her and she started to walk to me and then stopped and lay down.damn if that dog didn't lay down on Jame's grave and waited for me. I've been stunned by it ever since.

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wow I used to get the strangest looks from people when I would take my first husbands dog to his grave he died very suddenly at the age of 40 . The dog would start to dig so I had to take him away from there . But yes dogs know who loves and loved them . The dog passed away 4 yrs later at 16 yrs old there is a marker by my husbands grave with a pic of him and the dog .

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Originally Posted by phonelady61 I don't mean to be macabre at all, but in the book Scent of the Missing, which is about search and rescue dogs, the author said that dogs actually can smell bodies under water, as well as in many other circumstances where it doesn't seem possible. Your dog might very well have recognized your husband's scent, which does not make the story any less touching or poignant.

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Wonderful story OP and from the picture Possum is the right name.

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Originally Posted by Thursday007 An early picture of James with my dog Biscuit - he had a loving bond with all my dogs.

I had lost my 16 year old cocker spaniel and James was the first person on the phone to call me about it, then he died exactly a week later. Maybe Possum understood my sadness or James' sympathy. Whatever it is, I like to think he's with all the pups I've ever had.

You're making me weepy. Really.

James was clearly a VERY special person. And all the dogs knew it. RIP.

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Originally Posted by PullMyFinger

My little Shih Tzu/Bichon mix dog is fantastic with kids, especially toddlers. When my nephew was 2 years old and when we hosted Thanksgiving dinner he stayed with the toddler all day. He was wearing these little bib overalls and when he got too close to the stairs, Cooper would grab ahold of the strap of the overalls and sit him down and not let go until he was away from the stairs. We were all amazed, just came natural for him.

Originally Posted by JanND I also had a collie that would do that. Back in the early 70's My daughter was about 15 mths old when I went back to work. My Grand Mother babysat at our house. I came home to many stories, once that Rudy(collie) had lifted my daughter up by putting his head under her bottom when she tried to go up the high side of the old fashioned cement steps. He also more than one time put his mouth around her wrist, very lightly and led her back away from the gate. I have always thought dogs had much more intuition than we coul.d ever imagine.
OP...Your story was extremely touching. Hug Possum for me

It's not uncommon for some dogs to 'adopt' children as if they were their own pups or herd them. These kinds of dogs still amaze me.

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