Red fawn Shar Pei

October 26, 2018
Super Quality Red / Fawn Shar

Shar Pei dogs also known as Chinese Shar pei is coming from a small town named Dah let in Kwan Tung province, China. It is said that about 2000 years ago, the Shar Pei has been known in China as Chinese fighting dog and cattle guard dogs. Estimated Shar Pei is the result of cross breeding between the Chow Chow and the Mastiff.

Shar Pei Dogs

Shar Pei name comes from China, which is called Sha Pi, which means sand skin. Characteristics Shar Pei similar to Chow Chow, which has a blue-black tongue. When shar pei was a puppies, almost the entire body including the head and neck covered with sheets of skin wrinkles. But when Shar Pei dogs, wizened unite with the skin, so wizened remaining on the head and neck. Shar Pei dog is very unique, small ears, an upright tail and snout like a hippopotamus.

has a large head with a flat skull and wrinkled up to cheeks. Small dark eyes and almond-shaped. Shar Pei dogs ears are small, triangular, clinging to the edge of the skull. Large nose and the color are black or light brown ( cream ). The structure of teeth is scissor bite.

Shar Pei height is 46 cm - 56 cm or about 18 inches - 22 inches. While Shar Pei weight is 25 kg - 29 kg or about 55 lbs - 65 lbs for a male dog to female dogs is 18 kg - 25 kg or about 40 lbs - 55 lbs. Shar Pei coat are Horse-coat and Brush-coat. Shar Pei dogs with horse coat has smooth coat, very short and stick to the skin. While that has brush coat, a little rough coat, short (maximum length is 2.5 cm). Shar Pei dogs Fur color is Red, Fawn, Black, Brown.

Shar Pei temperament calm, rarely bark, loyal to the master and the master's family. Shar Pei dogs is alert and cautious dog toward strangers. This is an active dog, high-confidence, independent. These dog breeds are not haphazardly throw dirt because these breeds is a dog that likes cleanliness. Shar Pei dogs are very easy to train. Suitable as a family dog ​​and guard house. This breed is hard to get along with other dogs.

If you live in an apartment, they would be fine as long as getting enough exercise. This breed is not active when they are indoors and without large yard. Shar Pei dog breed are sensitive to warm weather, partially because of the wrinkles on his head holding in the heat. When Shar Pei in the hot weather, be ready you always provide enough water and a cool spot.

shar pei 04-2011 sitiodosanimais
shar pei 04-2011 sitiodosanimais
Shar-Pei Puppy (#7)
Shar-Pei Puppy (#7)
sharpei babies at 11 days old
sharpei babies at 11 days old
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