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January 26, 2018
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Shar Pei Leather Spiked HarnessCoat:
Short, hard, bristly and as straight as possible, offstanding on the body, but flatter on the limbs. Without undercoat. The length of the coat is not longer than 1 inch (2.5 cm). Never trimmed.
All solid colors are acceptable, except white. Tail and rear part of thighs are usually lighter. Darker shading on the back and ears is permissible.
Rather large in proportion to the body. There are wrinkles on the forehead and cheeks which continue to form a dewlap.
Very small, thick, in the form of an equilateral triangle, slightly rounded at the ends and set high on the skull with tips pointed to the eyes, set wide apart above the eyes and tightly fitting to the skull. Erected ears are not allowed.
Dark, almond-shaped, with a gloomy expression. Lighter eyes are permissible in dilute-coloured dogs. Surrounding skin, wrinkles and hair, must not hinder the sight of a dog. Any sign of irritation of an eyeball, conjunctiva and eyelids is extremely undesirable. Free of entropion. Teeth:
Jaws are strong with a perfect scissor bite, i.e. the upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and stand upright (perpendicular to the jaw). Padding of the lower lip should not be so excessive so as not to affect the bite.
Medium in length, strong, firmly set on the shoulders. Loose skin under the neck should not be excessive.
Broad and deep, lowered to the elbows.
Thick and round at the base, tapering to the tip. Set on very high - it is a distinguishing feature of the breed. Can be carried highly and curled in a right ring or curved over the back or any side of the back. The absence or an incomplete tail is a disqualifying feature.
Tucked-up. Limbs (fore and hind):
Forequarters: straight, medium in length with a good skeleton. The skin on the forelegs does not form any wrinkles. Shoulders: muscular, well laid and sloping.
Pasterns: slightly sloping, strong and flexible.
Hindquarters: well muscled, strong, moderately angulated, perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other when viewed from behind. Wrinkles on thighs, lower thighs and hind pasterns, as well as thickening of the skin on hock joints are not allowed.
Hock joints: well let down.
Attractive features:
The Shar Pei in all respects is a pleasant creature - it is independent, intelligent, even-tempered and sociable. But along all the love to communicate there are moments when they are totally sunk into themselves: they meditate! It has been known for a long time that some animals possess a strongest karma, which not only relieves stress but also cures some diseases.
Bearcoat Sharpei puppies playing
Bearcoat Sharpei puppies playing
Shar and Pei Puppies Cuteness overload!
Shar and Pei Puppies Cuteness overload!
Bear Coat Shar Pei puppies from Hungary
Bear Coat Shar Pei puppies from Hungary
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