Staffy cross Shar Pei

September 8, 2017
Beautifull staffy cross shar

20110402-140618.jpgWhen Bec and Dom ask me ‘so you coming?’ I usually don’t know where they’re talking about but dang if I’m gonna be left at home!

This particular Sunday when they asked me if I was coming along, turns out we were heading out for breakfast. But, a spanner in the postie’s bike wheel, nowhere around the area was 4 paw friendly. One place said they could tie me up out the back as long as I didn’t bark. As if Bec and Dom would leave me tied up out the back of some crappy garden ornament shop/cafe. Besides, I’m better behaved and quieter than kids!!!

So Dom suggested we drive to Wiseman’s Ferry.

Aside from Bec’s total disappointment in the coffee stakes (she’s a self confessed coffee snob and proud of it, but I could write another blog about that!), we had a pretty great time. I met a mutt called Patches, who chased me around the car park while Bec waited for her coffee. We watched the ferries take cars across the Hawksbury and I got to tear it up along the banks of the river. Met a couple of kids kickin it with their Dad and joined in their ball game. Dropped a few commando roles (see older posts for examples of my famous commando roles) and while Bec and Dom got some height on the old school swings.

Here’s a slideshow of some pix from our Grand Day Out.

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This morning Bec and I were on our usual walk when ahead on the footpath, I spotted two Golden Retrievers. Yup, two! Now you may not know but I am quite partial to a blonde. Maybe it’s that old adage of being attracted to the opposite of yourself….. Anyway, I digress. So I had them in my sights and I bolted. As luck would have it, they were two girls and me, well, I’m a handsome boy so it was a match made in heaven!

Bec made friends with their owner and gave the girls, Tilly and Zoe a schmacko. Their owner said that we will be friends for life. Here’s hoping ;)

Aside from my tales about my blondescapades, it’s good to finally make some new friends. It’s been tough moving to the ‘burbs after Rozelle. I miss my morning runs through Callan Park, where like-minded owners walk their dogs off the lead and aren’t afraid to let us partake in a little rough play. Where are all of the neighbourhood dogs?? I can hear them but I never see them. Surely they aren’t just in the yard all day?

Little do Dom and Bec know that when they leave me at home on my own, I take the keys to Dom’s ute and cruise the ‘hood. Keto Slim bestellen. Ultra Keto Slim.

shar pei x staff milo vs blue staff
shar pei x staff milo vs blue staff
shar pei x staff milo
shar pei x staff milo
Shar Pei x Staffy Pup Vs. My Camera!
Shar Pei x Staffy Pup Vs. My Camera!
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